Whether you require an emergency plumbing repair or a full installation, here at Peak Life Plumbing we get things done according to the latest Australian Standards.

Plumber Belfield

Our residential and commercial plumbing services include the following:

  • Unclogging the drains
  • Repairing the taps, toilets, pipes and other fixtures
  • Relocating the plumbing fixtures
  • Gas, water and hot water services (full repair, installation, maintenance, replacement, upgrade)
  • Comprehensive plumbing inspection to prevent disasters and costly damages
  • Full plumbing installation and relocation of fixtures, pipes and hot water systems

Our service area includes homes and commercial premises at or near the Elliott Reserve Dog Park, Begnell Field, Water St, Punchbowl Rd, Burwood Rd, Rudd Park, Eccles Reserve, Omaha St, Michael Ave and Albert St.

Our team has become known for our commitment to the highest standards whether it’s unclogging the drain or completing the kitchen and bathroom plumbing (including installing the rainwater tanks). We always think about the long term so that you won’t experience the unnecessary inconvenience in the future.

Plumbing inspection Belfield

Although we’re fast and responsive during emergencies, it’s still best to prevent the plumbing and hot water issues in the first place.

You can count on us to spot the early signs of problems before they become serious. Way before the burst pipe and water damage occurs, it’s crucial to detect the early signs so you can spare yourself from the hassle and costly repairs. With early detection and prevention you can also regularly save money on gas and water bills.

With our commitment to the highest standards you can be sure of reliability, integrity and longevity. And in case something fails as what happens in all aspects of our lives, our team here at Peak Life Plumbing will always be fast to respond. We’re always committed to making our customer’s lives a bit easier, even just by making sure the plumbing repair or installation is done right. Phone us now at 0431 182 609 for a timely and professional response.