Jet Blasting and CCTV

The modern solution to blocked drains.

About our Jet Blasting & CCTV camera inspection.

Our expert plumbers that come over to your location will use the latest equipment including live drain CCTV cameras as well as a Jet Blasting machine to clear blockages of your pipes.

Here is how our equipment works:

  1. A flexible cable is inserted into the problematic line
  2. Water that is pressurised to 5000 psi is then shot through its nozzle attachment
  3. The cable that comes from a unit that built into one of our specialised vehicles, is able to reach a blockage up to 100 metres down the darkest drains
  4. The greasy accumulations will be completely removed by this Jet Blasting machine
  5. The tree roots will be sliced right through
  6. The drain will be completely cleaned

The Jet Blasting machine is typically used to clear blocked sink drains, blocked sewers as well as blocked storm- water drains. We handle these matters with our highly trusted and experienced team who seek to solve all your blocked drain issues.

These jetting machines are the latest and highly effective,

clearing even the most stubborn blocked drains.

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